About Auto-Bidding


Choose your desired price tier from the drop-down box and select “place bid”. We offer proxy bidding, which means you can set a maximum bid tier that will only be reached if other users place an identical or higher bid. Why pay more if you don’t have to? You can also increase your maximum bid at any time.


Auto-bidding helps you win the auction at the lowest possible price by placing bids on your behalf. Set your maximum amount and the system will bid in $50 increments if other users bid (up to your maximum). At each increment your bid has priority over both realtime users and other proxy bidders who may have placed reserves after you.

The system automatically emails you if your maximum has been outbid.


  • You set an auto-bid a few tiers higher than the current bid (for example you select a maximum bid of $1100, while the current bid is $300): An auto-bid would be placed for you on the next available tier, $350. If another bid is placed at the next tier ($400), you will then automatically bid the next tier ($450). Your bid amount will only ever be increased to the tier needed to remain in the lead (as long as this is within your specified maximum).
  • Someone matches a maximum bid that you already have in place: Their bid would be rejected and they would be advised to select a higher bid tier for their maximum.


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