So how does Jackpot exactly work? Here is a quick overview of our latest auction format.
  • Every Friday midday, we list 36 Aussie domains for sale by auction. The auction closes the following Friday at 11:15am AEST. This gives buyers 7 full days to do their research and make a bid.
  • Don’t want to take the risk of an auction? There is a “Buy Now” price on every domain.
  • There is also an anti-snipe provision with the auction being extended by 5 minutes if there is a bid in the last 5 minutes. To avoid any timing or timezone issues for our customers, there is a timer on each listing.
  • Bids start from just $50, and increase by $50 (for .com.au domains) or $25 (for .au domains) for subsequent bids.
  • Not going to be around for the end of the auction? Auto bidding is now available. This means that you can set your maximum bid, and our platform will automatically bid on your behalf (up to your limit) should there be other bids.
  • Winning bid includes GST, Change of Registrant fee, and 12 months new registration.
  • The auctions are transparent in that you will see a “masked identity” for each bid made – and the amount of that bid.
  • Successful bidders will be sent an invoice with a payment link once the auction ends – you can also make payment from within your account area. The Change of Registrant will take place within 24 hours once payment is made.
We’ve compiled a list of possible FAQ’s below.
Am I eligible to bid?

To bid on Aussie domain names, you must have an Australian presence.

Specifically, for .com.au domains, you must either have an ABN or ACN (Australian Business Number or Company Number). Or an exact match trademark or pending trademark. If you are not Australian or don’t live in Australia, then you can qualify via an exact match trademark registration / pending registration; or an ARBN. We may be able to assist you in setting this up – please contact us.

For .au domains, it is simpler. You can use any of the above, or alternatively, some form of proof of Australian residence.

Upon winning an auction, you will receive an invoice via email with a payment link. You can also make payment, view invoices, and add or remove payment methods from within your account area.

No. All payment information is handled by our payment provider, Stripe.

Select the domain you wish to bid on. On the listing for the domain, choose your desired price tier from the drop-down box and select “place bid”.

To prevent last-second bids, we have an anti-sniping feature in place: If a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes of any given auction, the auction will be extended by a further 5 minutes from the end time (this only happens once per auction). This means that any auction that has a bid placed between 11:10am and 11:15am will be extended until 11:20am.

We pride ourselves on transparency, so you will get an email notification every time you make a bid, get outbid, or win or lose. If you are logged in, the bidding page updates automatically.

No. All of our auctions start from $50, with no reserve price.

After the initial starting bid of $50, our bid tiers continue in $50 increments for .com.au domains, and $25 increments for .au domains. For example, for a .com.au domain the second tier would be $100, then $150, $200, and so on, while a .au domain would have a second tier of $75, then $100, $125 etc. You can also place a maximum bid, and the system will bid on your behalf (up to your maximum) should there be other competing bids.

No. By placing a bid, you are committing to purchase the domain, should your bid be successful. Before placing a bid, a message will appear asking you to confirm your intention to place the bid, giving you a chance to cancel the bid, or rectify any errors.

If you fail to pay for a domain within 24 hours of winning the auction, we will contact you by email or phone to try and rectify the issue. If this is not possible, we reserve the right to award the domain name to the under-bidder. Failure to pay may also result in being blocked from bidding on future auctions.

Fridays at 11:15am (AEST).

GST, Change of Registrant transfer cost, and 12 months new registration.

Once we receive payment, we will initiate the Change of Registrant process, and contact you directly with steps on how to proceed. After your first transaction, your preference will be automated.